Terms and conditions for Advertisers

In the interests of providing La Trobe University students information regarding the availability and vacancy of a variety of off campus accommodation options La Trobe University offers an advertising service hereby known as the Off Campus Accommodation Noticeboard.

The Searcher is anyone who uses the Off Campus Accommodation Noticeboard. to search for and/or secure any type of housing.

The Advertiser is anyone that submits an advertisement on the Off Campus Accommodation Noticeboard

By registering online and submitting an advertisement on the Off Campus Accommodation Noticeboard, the Advertiser understands and agrees to the Terms and Conditions outlined below:

  • 1.No Liability of the University

The University does not claim responsibility for the accuracy or veracity of information provided by a Searcher.

The University does not accept any liability for any loss or damage that you might suffer due to any unsatisfactory accommodation arrangements made by you. Nor will the University pay you for any loss or damage suffered.

  1. An advertisement listing carries no statement of endorsement by the University.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to provide accurate and current information when submitting an advertisement on Off Campus Accommodation Noticeboard
  3. Due to our verification and approval processes, we are unable to approve an advertisement containing a language other than English.
  4. Advertisers who claim exemption from the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (Vic) (RTA) on the basis of having a 'formal affiliation' with an educational institution must provide evidence in the form of a 'written agreement' as defined in Section 21 of the RTA.
  5. Advertisers who list a property to be occupied by four or more residents, either in separate or shared rooms, where the residents have individual agreements will be considered a rooming house under the RTA and must operate as such. The property must be registered with the local council, and proof of this registration must be provided to the University before the advertisement will be approved.
  6. The University reserves the right to refuse or withdraw an advertisement at any time and for any reason at their absolute discretion reasons can include, but not limited to, the following:
  1. We deem the housing to be unsuitable for students;
  2. We have received complaint(s) from student(s) or other persons about the Advertiser; or
  3. We deem the Advertiser to be providing misleading or inaccurate information (particularly about affiliation with an educational institution).
  1. The University make no guarantee that an Advertiser will find tenants as a result of using the Off Campus Accommodation Noticeboard to advertise their vacancy.
  2. The University can in no way guarantee the suitability of tenants found through the Off Campus Accommodation Noticeboard and will accept no liability or responsibility for any such tenants.
  3. A listing will be displayed on the website for a defined period only (ordinarily 30 days), after which time it will be removed from publication. Advertisers wishing to continue advertising their vacancy on the system after this period, are responsible to reactivate the listing.
  4. The University believes that better tenancy outcomes are attained when the Advertiser is educated about their rights and duties. We encourage Advertisers obtain information from Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) by calling 1300 55 81 81 or visiting their website.
  5. The University may provide a copy of the advertisement to students to assist them in taking any action against the Advertiser where there is a dispute between the two parties.
The Provider unconditionally consents to the University providing any information about the Advertiser to any local authority (including local councils, CAV and the Tenants Union of Victoria) in order to assess the Advertiser’s compliance with these Terms and Conditions.